Laboratory-Certified, Whole-Room Air Disinfection in Minutes

Engineering Air for a Safer Environment

Chamber-Tested Results

The SAM™400 unit is aerosol chamber-tested at the Micro-Chem Laboratories NPAC (Negative Pressure Aerosol Chamber). The 10’ x 10’ x 8’ room represents most standard rooms. Antimicrobial properties were tested by measuring air-suspended microorganisms — with extraordinary results.

99 Kill.PNG

Certified Virus Elimination

The NPAC was built in full EPA compliance, with an unparalleled standard for air purification. The results show that a single SAM device eliminates 99.9995% of introduced viral pathogens, guaranteeing a near-sterile room under actual industry health care conditions.


Uniform Airflow Distribution

SAM’s 360-degree airflow system produces non-distributive (i.e. uniform), low-pressure, viscous air movement. This creates continuous, large-scale air-flow vortices throughout the room. 

Rapid, Whole-Room Clean

Complete disinfection of a standard 800-sq.-ft. room in minutes. Whole-room air exchange after only 20 minutes. No ozone production, no external UV-C exposure, and no VOCs or odours remaining.

Did you know that airborne pathogens can remain suspended in the air for hours?

Disinfects Entire Room in Less Than 30 Minutes


Energy Efficient


Hospital Grade


Kills 99.999% Viruses


Laboratory Certified


Value Priced


Kills 99.999% Viruses


HEPA Particulate Reduction


Kills 99.999% Viruses

To truly purify and disinfect air, HEPA filtration alone is not enough. That’s why 0.3-micron particulate removal is only the beginning of our patented UV-C pathogen elimination process. One SAM unit kills 99.9995% of all germs throughout large-volume, fast-moving air. SAM can do this for the entire room in under 30 minutes and has been proven consistent independent of existing HVAC systems.